RGBWhite Wall Mount Touch Controller LCRGW400
Constant Voltage Mode 5A x 4Chan
Constant Current Mode 350mA 4Chan x 4.2W-12.6W
Constant Current Mode 700mA 4Chan x 8.4W-25.2W
Multi Zone

The LCRGBW400 RGBWhite touch controller has an elegant glass face look.

Code :

LCRGBW400 (Wall Mount Remote)

Code :

LCRGBW400SCV (Receiver/Slave Constant Voltage)

Code :

LCRGBW400SCC3(Receiver/Slave 350mA Constant Current)

Code :

LCRGBW400SCC7(Receiver/Slave 700mA Constant Current)

Voltage :

12/24VDC (Wall Mount Remote)

Voltage :

12/36VDC (Receiver/Slave

Zones :

3 Independently Controllable Zones

Load Slaves :

Max 240W/12VDC, 480W/24VDC, 720W/36VDC

Size :

120H x 75W x 29.1D (Wall Mount Remote)

Size :

178L x 47W x 20D(Receiver)

IP Rating :

IP20 (Both Remote & Slave)

Specifications Sheet

T: (09) 820 0004
F: (09) 820 0007
E: sales@tasklighting.co.nz

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