WiFi LED Controller LCWIFI-104
Android & Apple Device Controlled

The LCWIFI-104 WiFi LED controller is an ingenious easy to use interface.
It brings simple control to your mobile device with 3 modes of function.
RGB colour changing LED control
RGBWhite colour changing LED control
Simple dimming of single colour LEDS
Colour temperature mixing of warm white, Neutral White & cool white.
Output connection is common anode return (common +ve).
Runs larger than 4Amps x 4Channels easily achieved using data repeaters like the
LCDR-6A-5/32 or the LCDR-8A-12/24 or the LCDR-8A-5/24
Or simply connects via WiFi to slave units (LCWiFi-104S)
Up to 16 units can run on one network by setting different IDs
WiFi Controller & remote supplied together & slaves sold separately.

Code :

LCWIFI-104 (Controller & Remote)

Code :

LCWIFI-104S (Slave/Receiver)

Voltage :


Current :

4Amps x 4 Channels

Modes :

32 pre programmed colour changing modes plus DIY modes

Scenes :

4 Scenes saved

Zones :

12 Independently controllable zones per unit


Up to 16 Units on any local area network (LAN)

Load :

Max 192Watts@12VDC or 480Watts@24VDC

Size :

L128 x W73 x H45

IP Rating :


Code :

LCWIFI-104S (Slaves)

Current :

5Amps x 4 Channels

Load :

Max 100Watts@5VDC or 240Watts@12VDC or 384Watts@24VDC

Compatibility :

Android 2.1 or above, IOS 4.3 or above

Software :

Download Android Software 2.2Mb Here

Software :

Download Apple Software 3.4MbHere

Android QR Code :

Click here to scan QR code for Android devices and download software

Apple QR Code :

Click here to scan QR code for Apple devices and download software

Battery :

CR2032 (DC3V) for remote

Specifications Sheet

T: (09) 820 0004
F: (09) 820 0007
E: sales@tasklighting.co.nz

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