A Guide On Soldering & Installing LED Strips

Things To Note

LED Strips Are Fragile
LED strips are extremely delicate and should be handled with care to maintain the warranty.
Imagine taking a circut board from a computer ...you would handle it very extreme care.
LED strips lack the 2mm thick fibre glass backing board that computer PCBs have and so are far more fragile and must be treated as such.

Things Not To Do
Never pull up a strip after sticking it down to re adjust its position.
Doing so will break resistors, ICs or solder joints and cause the strip to fail quickly
after install or not work at all. If this does happen the strip should be discarded and replaced.

Things To Do
Always do a dry run before peeling and sticking strips in place.
Centre your strip in its profile so if any unlit areas exist at each end they are equal.
This avoids the temptation to pull a strip up if its located wrong.
Always peel and stick strips, where possible, starting from the cable entry end.
This avoids the possibilty of the strip cable entry not positioning well to exit the profile.

Detailed Install Guide
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