Dali Dimming Controller
5Amp x 4 Channel

3/5Amp x 4 Channel 12-48V Constant Voltage DALI LED Controller

PWM digital dimming, standard DALI logarithmic dimming curve

Designed with 4 DALI address inputs and 4 channel outputs. A DALI address is assigned by the DALI Master controller automatically, please refer to user manuals of compatible DALI Masters for specific operations.

Larger loads can be easily dimmed using data repeaters.

Voltage Input: 12 - 48VDC
Signal Input: Dali Digital Dimming
Load: 5A x 4 Channels - 240W @ 12VDC | 480W @ 24VDC | 3A x 4 Channels - 576W @ 48VDC
Dimming: 0-100%
IP Rating: IP20
Dimensions: L175 x W45 x H27
PWM Frequency: 500Hz
Warranty: 5 Years