RGBW, RGB, Dual white and single colour dimming
4 Channel Controller

LCRGBWSD-V4-X is a 12-48VDC, versatile & robust 4 channel controller that works with various wireless remotes.

Suitable for RGBW, RGB, Dual white and single colour dimming.

The controller can wireless relay to other controllers achieving large runs of LED strips all colour/dim synced. This is a great feature where there is no option to run control cables.

Wireless range for remote & between controllers is max 15m but less with obstructions.

Compatible with 2.4G Remotes click here for Remotes


Voltage: 12-48VDC
Current: 8Ax4Chan @12-24VDC or 5Ax4Chan @36-48VDC
Load Slaves: 96W@12V, 192W@24V, 240W@48V
Size: 117L x 85W x 24.5D
IP Rating: IP20