LED Channel 860
Large Pendant Profile
W50mm x H37.5mm

Channel 860 is a large aluminium profile suited for surface mounting or as a suspended pendant.

Due to its large frame it makes an excellent heat sink to extend the life of the led strip whilst eliminating dotting from all TASK strips.

Ideal for general lighting with high power led strips.

Please refer to our Strip and Profile Compatibility Guide or contact us for further information.

Diffuser Transmission Rates. Opal 74%, Prismatic 61%

Channel Colour: Silver
Lens Colour: Opal
Dimensions: 50mm wide x 37.5mm high
Available Lengths: 4m or cut to size
Silver End Cap: LEDCHAN860EC1
Silver End Cap (with wire hole): LEDCHAN860EC2
Silver End Cap: LEDCHAN860ECSL
Mounting Clip: LEDCHAN860MC
Accessories: Grommets
Joiner 90: LEDCHANJ90
Joiner 90B: LEDCHANJ90B
Joiner 120: LEDCHANJ120
Joiner 180: LEDCHANJ180
Suspension Kit: LEDCHANSK1.2M
Suspension Kit: LEDCHANSK2.5M
Suspension Kit: LEDCHANSK5M