Single Colour 28.8W/m
CRI97 IP20 24VDC

High CRI LEDs are designed to accurately render colours similar to natural light. This means objects and surroundings illuminated by high CRI LEDs appear more vibrant and true to colour compared to lower CRI lights.

LEDs with high colour rendering can also reduce eye strain and fatigue as it presents colours more naturally, making it easier for our eyes and brain to process visual information. LS154 is ideal for applications where colour accuracy is important e.g., retail, art studios, medical facilities.

Available in Warm 2700K, Warm White 3000K, Neutral White 4000k, Cool White 6500K

Cut Points: 24V-50mm

All TASK Lighting LED Strips are supplied with 3M double sided tape for easy installation and must be installed using a TASK Lighting approved mounting profile & driver for warranty purposes.