Dali Dimming/Push Dimming
Single Colour 10/15Amps x 1Channel

Single channel Constant voltage DALI LED Dimmer
DALI address will be automatically assigned by DALI master, 1 DALI address
PWM digital dimming, standard DALI logarithmic dimming curve
Connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and dimming function
Over-heat / Over-load / Short circuit protection, recover automatically

Voltage Input: 12 - 48VDC
Signal Input: DAli Dimming/Switch Dim
Output 12/24VDC: 15A x 1 Channel - 180W @ 12VDC or 360W @ 24VDC
Output 48VDC: 10A x 1 Channel - 480W @ 48VDC
Dimming: 0-100% (Logarithmic)
PWM Frequency: 500Hz
IP Rating : IP20
Dimensions: L175 x W45 x H27