0-10V Analogue/Push Dim Slave

Smooth 0-100% dimming.
Dimming by either push dimming using a momentary mechanism in the switch plate or by a lighting control system out putting a 0/1-10V analogue control signal or hand held remote.
Push dim operation – long press to dim and short press on/off.
Multi way switching is simple (wiring diagrams available).
PWM, logarithmic dimming at 500Hz
Recommended power supply is a switch mode type designed to work with PWM (pulse width modulation) loads on its output.
When used in push dim mode this unit requires a wire pair to run to a momentary mechanism in the switch plate. An isolating switch for the power supply should also be used.
This unit is installed between the power supply and the LED load.
This unit is 12-24VDC input not 230VAC