LED Channel 650
Micro Surface Mounted Profile
W7.9mm x H5.7mm

Channel 650 is an aluminium mounting profile for surface mounting or recessing. Specially designed as a minimal profile for providing slim lines of colour or colour detailing. Suitable with LS143 strip only.

Due to the delicate nature of our micro strip Task Lighting must dispatch strip & profile as assembled units for warranty purposes.

Diffuser Transmission Rates. Opal 40%

Channel Colour: Silver
Lens Colour: Opal
Dimensions: 7.9mm wide x 5.7mm high
Suitable Strips: LS143 Only
Available Lengths: 2.5m or cut to size
Silver End Cap: LEDCHAN650EC1
Silver End Cap\n(with wire hole): LEDCHAN650EC2
Mounting Clip: LEDCHANMC9