LED Neon Flex 300 Series
Injection Moulded IP68

Custom ordered (4 week lead time)

Our 300 series LED Neon Flex provides a customised solution to replacing old neon signage and exterior decoration.
IP68 and high UV protection ratings, 300 series Neon Flex is backed by a standard 3 year warranty for the PVC model and a conditional 5 year warranty for the silicone model.

Installation is made simple with a large range of end connection types and installation accessories and is available in a wide range of sizes, watts/m, white CCT, colours and pixel chasing options.


Flex Type:

  • Side View

  • Top View


  • RGB

  • RGBW

  • Mono

  • DW

Working Mode:

  • PWM

  • DMX (Pixel Chasing)

  • SPI (Pixel Chasing)


  • 12V

  • 24V

  • 36V

  • 48V

Power Output:

Neon Flex Shape / Dimensions:

Side View (Side Bend)

Top View (Top Bend)

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