Single Colour
24VDC LED Sheet

In stock from September 2023

Lumisheet is a LED Sheet Light which features even lighting, longer lifespan, high efficacy and high CRI.

Lumisheet is designed to provide consistent linear lighting for limited spaces in a wide variety of applications. Ideal for cove lighting and indirect lighting in hotels, restaurants, shops, offices and homes.

Code: LDLS-**-50W-IP54SS (**= Colour temperature)
Voltage: 24V
Wattage: 50w
Available Colours: 2400-6500K (3K, 4K & 6K in stock from September 2023)
Bend Radius: R<50mm
Beam Angle: 120°
IP Rating: IP54
Size: L500mm x W233.33mm x H1.2mm
Warranty: 3 Years