Dali Controller 5Ch x 5Amp

In compliance with IEC 62386-101:2014, IEC 62386-102:2014, IEC 62386-207 Ed2, IEC 62386-209:2011
Built-in DALI-2 interface, DALI DT8 device
Multi-addresses enabled DT8 control gear
Multi-devices integrated in one control gear
Multi-functional, 7 in 1: Tc, RGBWAF, XY, 2*Tc, XY+Tc, RGB+Tc, XY+W (DT6)
DALI address manually assignable through manual set buttons and showed on the display
Can be set as different device types: single-address types or multi-addresses types
Single-address device types: Tc, RGBWAF, XY
Multi-addresses device types: 2*Tc, XY+Tc, RGB+Tc, XY+W (DT6)
5 Channels constant voltage output
Control of five PWM outputs via DALI device type 8
Colour control as defined in the DALI specification device type 8
Supports DT8 device commands, compatible with universal DALI masters that support DT8 commands
Configuration via DALI master USB interface
Colour temperature and RGB color control through push dim mode even if without DALI
Waterproof grade: IP20

Code: LCDMSR-2309
Voltage Input:: 12-36VDC or DALI Bus
Power Output: 5C x 5A
Size: L170 x W53.4 x H28mm
IP Rating: IP20