RGBWhite Touch Controller LCRGW200
Wireless Wall Mount 5Amp x 4Channel

The LCRGBW200 is a colour wheel remote controller for RGBWhite CV LEDs etc.
Larger style remote.
USB chargeable & USB cable supplied.
8 Independently controllable zones
RGB + White allows for the normal Red, Green, Blue colour changing modes plus the addition of white gives softer colour tones when required.
White is independently selectable to give a true white when required.
This controller requires a high quality DC power supply providing clean DC or may not work correctly.

Code :

LCRGBW200 (remote)

Code :

LCRGBW200S (slave or controller)

Voltage :


Current :

5Amps x 4 Channels (slave or controller)

Load Slaves :

Max 100W/5VDC, 240W/12VDC, 480W/24VDC

Size :

168L x 55W x 22D (remote)

Size :

175L x 44W x 30D (slave or controller)

IP Rating :

IP20 (Both Remote & Slave)

Battery :

Internal USB charged battery.

Specifications Sheet

T: (09) 820 0004
F: (09) 820 0007
E: sales@tasklighting.co.nz

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